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The primary source for Independent Agencies to connect with providers of specialty coverages and programs. Free for agencies - boost your sales!

The agency, its clients, and prospects can learn about all of the specialty programs, find them, and access them through short video descriptions appearing automatically on the agency’s website.

Agencies are accepted for territorial ownership in the USA Insurance Network (each territory is approximately 100,000 in population) and added to the Network map, at their proper location and with an online link to the agency’s website.

Visit USA Insurance Network

To see an up-to-date version of the map, click the image of the map or visit USA Insurance Network, The Network’s public website.

Territorial Exclusivity

Only one agency will be appointed by MMM for approximately every 100,000 population density in the U.S.

If a county or group of counties has around 100,000 people in it, only one agency will have Monday Morning Markets available on their website. If the county or county group has, say, 400,000 people, 4 agencies will have Monday Morning Markets. There will be 3200 territories in the U.S. to be represented by 3200 agencies.

NOTE: Territories are assigned on a “first-in” basis. Click on the “agencies” link on the top menu (above) and register. If your territory has not been taken and if you meet the qualifications for MMM registration, you will immediately be assigned that territory.

Agencies: To become a registered MMM agency, click here.

Specialty Markets Providers: To learn how to become a SMP for Monday Morning Markets, click here.

Check out these examples of how agencies have added the Monday Morning Markets system to their websites.

Click to see how Wright-Gardner Insurance incorporated Monday Morning Markets into their website

Once in the website, scroll down and click on the image of the airplane, "Specialty Insurance."

As you scroll down this page, you can see all the content that has been added by Monday Morning Markets. Keep in mind, more videos are currently in production!

Clicking on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the videos allows viewer to open a pre-addressed email they can easily send to the agency that offers this coverage.

As more videos are added they will automatically appear in a live scroll, alphabetically listed for easier access. Our client agencies will also be able to add other coverages, programs or services to that listing.

If there is no video for the specific coverage the visitor is looking for, they are encouraged to scroll down to "View all 700+ Specialty Coverages" (provided by The Insurance Marketplace), where they can search for and find the exact coverage and its explanation. They can then be connected directly to the providing agency.

While you're visiting the website, be sure to check out all the other content and the design. This website was custom-built by AgenciesOnline specifically for Wright-Gardner Insurance, and they can do the same for your agency. Check them out at

Keep scrolling to see other examples of how MMM-approved agencies are using the MMM system.

PFS Insurance Group

PFS Insurance Group is a locally owned independent insurance agency. PFS Insurance Group emerged from the merger of several trusted, established insurance agencies with strong roots in their communities. They serve Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Denver, and Windsor, Colorado, and are licensed in Colorado and nine other states.

Visit the PFS Specialty Insurance Page

Other MMM agencies using MMM creatively

The agencies pictured below have each used a different approach to making it simple for visitors to fill (or be directed to...) Monday Morning Markets on the agency website.

Shepard, Walton and King Insurance Group in Texas

Offices: Harlingen, McAllen, Austin

Clicking on "Business Insurance" opens a drop-down link to MMM. This Best Practices Agency is proud of its wide variety of coverages. The imaginative choice of the picture used in the MMM heading helps create an appealing look for the visitor.

Visit Shepard, Walton and King's Website

Here are four other MMM-approved agencies, each with a somewhat different approach to attracting visitors to that agency’s MMM section

Juenemann Insurance Agency
Westland, Michigan
The agency has added a link on its home page (below the words "Life Insurance") with an interesting picture and the word: "Specialty".

Yennie James Insurance
Kansas City, Mo.
See the Home Page of the agency. Clicking on "Specialty and Other Insurance" on the left menu takes you to the MMM section.

Conklin and Kraft Agency
Hackensack, NJ.
Clicking on "Products and Services" on the top menu, opens a "drop-down" list from which the visitor can choose the major coverages, as well as "Specialty Markets."

Bain Agency
Bismarck, ND.
MMM is the top entry, when the visitor clicks on "Resources"

The Agency Dashboard

What happens when agencies use the "agencies" tab on the top menu, and register for MMM approval?

MMM staff will review the submission and send approved agencies an approval email. Every time you log in to you will be in the Agency Dashboard

Here is the Agency Dashboard

Agency Dashboard

When an Agency signs into Monday Morning Markets, the "Dashboard" appears offering these tab options:

  • Embed Code
    Allows the agent to insert the "Widget" on their website. A ‘Widget’ is the coding to be used on your website to embed Monday Morning Markets in to your site.
  • Email Developer
    Permits the agent to send the instructions to embed code to their webmaster or developer.
  • Help Me Embed
    Asks Monday Morning Markets web developers to insert embed code on agency’s site. (A charge is incurred for this service..)
  • Edit Domains
    Allows the agent to add domain names.
  • Update Profile
  • Marketing Dashboard
    A tutorial to help agents utilize Monday Morning Markets (see below).
  • My PKV’s and Programs
    Presents the agent with both the master list of programs, alphabetical, and access to the market providing coverage for each program (column two).
  • The Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace
    to access the 700 coverages and programs beyond the specific PKV;s

What should I do next?

To learn more about Monday Morning Markets, and to access the registration information, click here.