Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Monday Morning Markets puts hundreds of specialty markets in your hands and in the hands of your clients and prospects. You will have from 700 to 1000 specialty markets available on your website. If a specialty program is needed, Monday Morning Markets shows you or your clients a specialty program that fits that need. If the program is desired by your client/prospect, your agency becomes the producer for that business line and you get the commission for writing the policy as well as the credit for helping your client properly protect his assets.
What are the qualifications to become a Monday Morning Market participating agency?
Your agency must be at least three years old and write at least $5,000,000 of P&C premiums. You must have E&O protection to at least $1,000,000 and your territory must be available. During your representation you must record the number of referrals generated and NB policies written through Monday Morning Markets (the more activity you have, the more successful Monday Morning Markets will be for you).
What is a Monday Morning Markets Territory?
A territory is comprised of all or part of the county in which you reside or a group of counties including the county in which your primary or a secondary location resides with a population of around 200,000 people.
What is territorial exclusivity?
Territorial exclusivity means that when a territory is occupied by as many active agencies that would comprise around 200,000 population density per agency, that no further agencies will have Monday Morning Markets represented on their websites.
Does Territorial Exclusivity mean that I am limited to marketing Monday Morning Markets to only my territory?
No. We recognize that some agencies will offer Monday Morning Markets to their own client base only while others will create marketing plans to create relationships with NEW customers through the specialty markets found at Monday Morning Markets.
Is territorial exclusivity FOREVER?
No. If you don’t either write business through the specialty markets of Monday Morning Markets OR don’t have referrals to your agency from the activity on Monday Morning Markets during a twelve month period, we reserve the right to assign another agent who may more actively market the specialty programs of Monday Morning Markets. The most active representative agency in that market will then have exclusive use of Monday Morning Markets for the next year.

FAQs for Retail Agencies

We seldom write specialty coverages. Why should we bother to place the PKV’s and the other MMM marketing tools on our website?
By showing your ability to provide 700+ coverages and programs, over and above the usual personal and commercial lines provided by the commoditizers, you will be greatly enhancing your own broad reach to, and understanding of, the entire insurance marketplace. At the same time you will be showing your expanded capabilities to your own clients and your prospective clients.
How do we get approval to use the Product Knowledge Videos?
Click here or on Agencies in the top menu. Most fully operational agencies are approved.
How do I get the PKV link on my website?
You have three options:
  1. If you have designated that you have a webmaster, there will be a specific set of instructions for him or her.
  2. If you do not have a webmaster, but have indicated you are familiar with adding content to your site, you will receive those instructions.
  3. If you have designated that you are totally unfamiliar with websites and have no one to help you, we will provide you with the name of an organization to do this for you.  There will, of course, be a fee associated with those services.
Are we required to use any or all of the PKVs contained in the Specialties Package?
No requirements whatsoever. You may use as many or as few as you like, unless there are specific requirements that would preclude you.
How will we know which PKVs have been added or removed when we receive the monthly revised edition?
The Monday Marketeer will announce monthly changes. Changes will be noted on the website with a “new” next to them for 30 days.
Are we required to place a specific coverage with the SMP providing the PKV?
No, but if you’ve chosen another provider, we would suggest that you remove that PKV from your site.
Are there time requirements for how long we need to continue to show the PKV on our website?
No, you can start and stop at any time.
Do we have to inform you if we decide to stop using the system?
There is no requirement but we would appreciate being informed if you decide to stop using the system.

FAQs for SMPs

We don’t write in all states. Will agencies be able to display our PKV if we are not licensed in the state?
Yes, this opens other opportunities for you. Agents will be able to use the PKV for educational purposes. This may enhance your marketing and company awareness. You may also be asked to write other coverages for which you are licensed in that state.
Is there any guarantee that an agency will place an account with us based on our PKV?
There is no guarantee. You will have access to an ongoing list and contact information for all agencies applying to use our system. You have the option to contact them to establish a relationship.
Can we remove or amend our PKV during the duration of our contract with MMM?
Yes, we will re-record for you once a year at no cost.
Will agencies be interested in receiving more MMM PKVs in the months and years ahead?
Absolutely. We are going to continue to urge agencies to contact SMPs with which they already have a relationship to sign up with MMM as a PKV provider for available specialties. MMM plans to continue to solicit SMPs until all specialty coverages and programs in the Insurance Markeplace are reserved.ace are reserved.
We are an aggregator. We have various arrangements with G.A.’s, Program Managers, et al, to place specific coverages with them. But if the PKV’s are presented by competitors, won’t we be jeopardizing our current relationships?
No MMM agency is required to place business with any SMP at any time, even if that SMP provides the video. But we suggest that you tell your G.A.’s, et al, about MMM, and urge them to reserve their more popular coverages. (Remember, there is only one SMP accepted for any one coverage.)

Your agencies can also specifically DELETE any PKV or RN Marketplace coverage from their website at any time.

If another SMP has reserved any particular coverage, you might want to ask your SMP to provide a specific PKV for that coverage, which you can then send to your agencies to insert in their MMM videos in place of the one provided by MMM.

NOTE: If you restrict your agencies from utilizing the MMM system you are essentially taking an advantage in sales and marketing from them…their competitor agencies will register for  your agenciies’ territories. There are literally hundreds of specialty coverages and programs that will eventually have their place on MMM. Don’t deprive your agencies from the marketing opportunities MMM will be providing them over the coming years.