About Monday Morning Markets

Monday Morning Markets is the "brainchild" of George Nordhaus, the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional. He sought and found a way for insurance agents and "Specialty Markets Providers" to find each other and to offer the best of the specialty markets in the U.S. to select insurance agencies and to their clients and prospects by providing video and written explanations of each specialty market on the websites of 1600 insurance agents to reach virtually every citizen of the U.S. in an easily searchable format.

The "why's and how's" of Monday Morning Markets

By George Nordhaus

I have been a speaker, an author and overall marketer in the insurance industry for many years. You may know me from my Insurance Marketing & Management Systems (IMMS) work over the years, or perhaps have seen or heard some of the thousands of audio-tapes, then CD interviews I've had the pleasure of hosting.

These days, I get to present the weekly Monday Morning videos, the largest library of insurance agency management and marketing information on the Internet.

Most recently, after I helped found and develop AgenciesOnline (which is still very active), I had a flash of inspiration. Over the last few years I have watched many agencies flounder because of the commodization of our business, primarily caused by the cost-cutting direct writers of the world. Somehow, I reasoned, agencies needed a real "differentiator"…something that would show the insurance-buying public that our business model is a lot more than merely selling the lower–priced product.

When I saw that the Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace system offered access to over 700 specially coverages and programs, then when I read the Conning Report showing that 56% of all insurance premium is composed of those "non-standard" products, the light dawned.

The result is the creation of "Monday Morning Markets" (MMM).

MMM reaches out to two major customer bases - Retail Agencies and Insurance Program Managers, MGAs, GA's, etc.(Specialty Markets Providers). The MMM program links these two distinct entities.  

The goal of MMM is to become a "primary source" for agencies to find and understand specialty markets and programs. MMM then delivers a system that all registered MMM agencies can use to inform the world about their ability to provide these coverages and programs, over and above the "regular" coverages provided by retail insurers - services that the commoditizers cannot offer.

In the development stage of MMM, I was joined (as a partner) by Al Diamond and his Agency Consulting Group team. This leading consulting organization brings many years of practical agency management and marketing experience to MMM.

Hopefully we can all look back a few years from now and be confident that we were able to create a business-saving ingredient that has helped elevate the agency distribution system to its rightful position.

George Nordhaus

Our Team

George Nordhaus

Chairman, AgenciesOnLine & Chairman, Monday Morning Markets

If there were one word to describe George it would probably be "creative".

After graduation from Vanderbilt University, George became an officer in the U.S. Navy. Returning to Nashville, he became EVP of the Insurors of Tennessee, the "Big I" agent's association. After six years in that position, he moved back home to his native Indiana, and became the EVP of the Indiana Big I.

Motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit, while still in Nashville George hosted his own Saturday afternoon sports show on WLAC.TV, established a sheet music publishing firm, and owned two car washes.

Along the way he created Insurors Press, a publishing firm (which later became Insurance Marketing and Management Services and is now in its 42nd year)

As an association executive and as a publisher (founding Insurors Press, Nordhaus Marketing Systems, IMMS, Insurance Hiring System, and AgenciesOnline LLC, INA Connect, LLC and Monday Morning Markets LLC) he has spent his entire working career as an information provider to the insurance industry.

In his publishing career, George has created or published over 200 books, services, and hundreds of other informational products such as video tapes and audio recordings, and weekly online Monday Morning webinars.

Along the way George found time to write eight books on insurance sales and marketing, (more books on those subjects than anyone in history) author a weekly newsletter for 40 consecutive years, write columns and articles for practically every trade magazine, and appear as a speaker at over 2,000 insurance conferences and conventions in every U.S. state, Canada and Europe. In 2011 he was selected as one of the first insurance bloggers for Lending Tree, Inc.

For a ten-year period he authored a column ('You Probably Will Agree') for the Insurance Journal.

George is one of the most published author on insurance marketing and one of the most recorded host of marketing and management info on the Internet (Monday Morning mini-webinars).

Some of George's honors and awards include:

  • Former Big I Tennessee and Indiana Association Executive Vice-President
  • Founder, Chairman of IMMS - Complete Markets for over 35 years
  • West Coast Chairman - Lloyd's of London Names
  • Big I Presidential Award winner
  • Insurance Man of the Year - Boston Board of Fire Underwriters
  • Golden Torch Award - Communicator of the Year by Insurance Marketing Communications Association

Al Diamond

Al has four decades of experience in all phases of the insurance industry. Learning the trade as an underwriter and marketer for major international insurer, Al has managed company operations for a major direct writer, has managed agency consulting at a major stock company and has led Agency Consulting Group as its President and principal consultant since 1980. Al has managed agencies, has served as President of AAIMCO (American Association of Insurance Management Consultants) is an Expert Witness on agency values and disputes about common practices of insurance agencies and has assisted well over 1000 agencies and brokerages in their efforts to grow, earn greater profits, and transition and perpetuate to remain viable and on the cutting edge as the insurance agency industry continues to evolve. Al has authored the PIPELINE, the monthly national newsletter for agency principals since 1985 and appraises a large number of insurance agencies every year to establish Fair Market Valuations for a wide variety of reasons. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. produces the Composite Groups of Agency Performance annually for several thousand insurance agencies. Al is excited to participate in Monday Morning Markets to help evolve yet another means of differentiation of cutting edge insurance agencies from their commoditized competitors.

David Diamond

Director of Marketing

David came to the insurance industry following a 20 year career in broadcasting where he developed his marketing and mass communications skills with ABC, Prime/SportsChannel Networks, CBS and QVC. He uses the skills he developed working for media giants to help agents deliver their message to their customers, carriers, partners and vendors.

David is the Marketing Director for Agency Consulting Group, Inc, a firm dedicated to helping agencies grow, become more productive and profitable. He holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and has also been called upon by outside organizations to perform and assist with strategic planning and leadership development. David is an avid outdoorsman, spending many weekends kayaking, hiking and camping. In his spare time, David also operates a travel business specializing in the cruise line industry.

Colleen Osendowski

Operations Manager

Colleen is the Chief Analyst for Agency Consulting Group, Inc. and will make sure that all administrative issues at Monday Morning Markets are operating smoothly and that you always have a conduit for maximizing your business opportunities with the Programs available on your website through MONDAY MORNING MARKETS.